The Doctor's Lost-and-Found Bride

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Mills & Boon Medical Romance

March 2010

ISBN: 9780263876826


Harlequin Medical Romance

May 2010

ISBN: tbc

Also released as:

  • UK hardback, March 2010, ISBN: 9780263213157
  • UK large print hardback (date and ISBN: tbc)
  • Australian paperback (April 2010, ISBN: tbc).


Behind the Book

I love reunion stories. For me, they add a little something extra - the hero and heroine have to find a way of dealing with whatever made them break up before, and fall in love with each other again.

And so we have Marina Petrelli, who comes from a lovely, warm Italian family (I seriously thought about adding her to the Mazetti family from Breakfast at Giovanni's, but I scuppered myself with the backstory there - I'd married off his cousins already), and Max Fenton, who comes from a small and terribly buttoned-up family. (It's also an 'opposites' book.)

They were both too young to deal with the rock on which their marriage founded, first time round; but neither got over each other. Max went off to work for Doctors Without Borders, and Marina went back to London to throw herself into family life.

Add some mistaken beliefs (NB they talk about these), the fact they have to be surrogate parents for her niece (oh, did I mention it's set in the London Victoria? Theo and Rhys both have walk-on parts here), and the fact that Marina is a fixer who finds it hard to cope when she CAN'T fix something... and you know what's coming, don't you?

Yup, the happy ending.

There is one medical case in here that was inspired rather close to home; when I was writing this one, my husband had a severe allergic reaction to penicillin. I developed a few grey hairs, that week (though he's fine now).

The book's recipe is spaghetti carbonara (well, it had to be Italian). Marina is a foodie and Max neglects himself. This is how she fixes it (as he tries to fix her problems at the same time).

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