The Greek Doctor's New Year Baby

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Mills & Boon Medical Romance

January 2009

ISBN: 9780263868173


Harlequin Medical Romance

January 2009

ISBN: 9780373066711

New Year, New Father

Madison Gregory's temporary new boss, obstetric consultant Theo Petrakis, has everything - gorgeous body, gorgeous mind, gorgeous heart. He's a great doctor and he can cook! She knows he's the one, even if she won't admit it. There is just one problem - he has vowed never to marry or have children. However much he wants Madison, he knows it wouldn't be right to have a relationship with her when he can't fulfil her dreams.

Yet Theo's behaviour just doesn't add up. He behaves as if he loves her, he just doesn't say it, and he adores kids, so why doesn't he want any of his own? Then, just as Madison discovers the reason, she also discovers she is pregnant with his child...

Also released in the UK as a hardback (November 2008, ISBN: 9780263203967) and a large print hardback (date and ISBN tbc). Also released in Australia in paperback (Feb 2009, ISBN: 9780733591426).


Behind the Book

This is the first of a duo starring the Gregory cousins, Madison and Katrina. Both of them have a lot in common with me - Madison's one of life's fixers and a bit of a whirlwind, while Katrina is partly deaf.

Theo, my hero, is Greek. We first meet him at a masked ball - and he's gorgeous. Enough to make Madison forget her decision not to date, when they end up working together.

Theo has a secret haunting his past, and when Maddie accidentally becomes pregnant he has to face up to what he's run from for years.

And in turn, Maddie has to realise she can't be completely independent - that letting Theo into her life is going to enrich it, not wreck it.

Watch out for the scene in the hot-air balloon...

It's dedicated to my friend Annette and her family.

And the book's recipe - Afelia (aka pork with coriander and red wine) - is seriously scrummy.

Read a Bit


Madison noticed him the moment he walked into the room.

Despite the fact that the hospital's charity ball was heaving with people, all wearing Venetian masks - and he was dressed the same as all the other men in a dinner jacket, dark trousers, white shirt and bow tie, plus a plain gold eye mask - there was something about the tall, dark-haired man that set him apart from the others. Some kind of energy that drew her eye.

Not that she was going to do anything about it. Not tonight.

As the chair of the committee for the hospital's fundraiser ball, Madison Gregory had work to do. Such as making sure that everything was running like clockwork behind the scenes. Being there to troubleshoot any last-minute problems. Charming people with a sweet smile and fixing any little niggles without a fuss.

But so far everything had been minor, because everything had been planned down to the last detail. There had been a few murmurs at first in committee meetings when she'd suggested a jazz trio - a band she'd heard several times at her favourite club - but Madison had stuck to her guns. In her view, a rock band really didn't suit a masked ball, and although ballroom dancing had become popular again, thanks to television shows, having a string quartet playing waltzes would feel too formal. Whereas soft, easy-listening jazz - bright upbeat numbers and slow crooning ballads that people knew and could dance to - would be perfect for a ball.

Now, she could even see couples mouthing the words of 'Fly Me to the Moon' to each other, smiling and laughing and just having fun on the dance floor. Relief flooded through her. She'd got it right. This was going to work.

With this lovely, warm, relaxed atmosphere, people would be more willing to be parted from their money. They'd buy loads of tickets for the tombola prizes she and the rest of the committee had talked local companies into donating - balloon rides, spa treatments, and a chocolate hamper that her cousin and best friend Katrina desperately wanted to win and had bought so many tickets in lieu of being at the ball that Madison had decided, if Katrina didn't win it, she'd buy her the very same hamper as consolation.

And maybe, just maybe, the fund for the new scanner would reach the halfway point as a result.

Eve, one of the senior nurses from the emergency department, came up to her. 'Maddie, you've been rushing around since an hour before everything started. Why don't you take a break?'

A little voice in Madison's head added, and go and find out who the man in the gold eye mask is. She brushed it aside and smiled at Eve. 'It's OK. I'm fine.'

'You paid for a ticket, too,' Eve reminded her. 'Which means you're entitled to dance and have some fun. Just because you're the chair of the organising committee, it doesn't mean you can't enjoy yourself.'

'I am enjoying myself.' And it was true: Madison loved being in the thick of things. She'd been hard put to choose between specialising in emergency medicine and her final choice, obstetrics, because she enjoyed the buzz of being too busy almost as much as she loved those magical first minutes of a new life.

And then, as the music changed and the pianist seemed to flow seamlessly into 'It Had to be You', a hand touched her arm. 'May I?' a deep, unfamiliar and slightly accented voice asked.

Even before she looked up, she knew who it was going to be, and a shiver ran down her spine.

The man in the gold eye mask.

He was looking at her with the most sensual, smouldering gaze she'd ever seen: dark eyes with a hint of green and gold and grey. Stunning.

Not to mention a slow, sweet smile that actually made her knees go weak.

'I...' Her throat dried, and Eve gave her a shove.

'She means yes,' Eve said sweetly. 'Have fun.'

Before Madison could protest, she was dancing with the stranger.

Theo had been aware of her all evening: the girl in the floaty dress with the pink and gold cat mask covering her upper face and the most incredible smile. He'd seen her talking and laughing with plenty of people, though he hadn't actually seen her on the dance floor.

And now he was dancing cheek to cheek with her. Whoever had chosen this music was an utter genius: it had neither the formality of ballroom dancing nor the slight distance of pop. This was old-fashioned dance music, the kind of stuff his grandparents loved - and, so he'd discovered recently, his mother had loved too.

Despite his dance partner's high-heeled shoes, she wasn't that tall and he had to dip his head slightly to dance with her; but she felt perfect in his arms. And those blue, blue eyes behind the mask were just stunning. Like a Mediterranean sky on a late summer evening, shading to dark navy at the very edge of her irises. Her dark hair was loose around her shoulders: not perfectly straight, but not a riot of curls, either. Soft, enticing waves that made him want to tangle his hands in them, feel the silkiness against his fingertips.

Even more than that, he wanted to see her hair spread over his pillow. And he really, really wanted to explore that beautiful mouth. Tease it with kisses until it opened beneath his mouth, letting him deepen the kiss.

Kyrios. He couldn't remember when he'd last felt a pull of attraction this strong.

But right now she was in his arms, holding him close. And it felt good.

The stranger's touch was perfectly decorous, Madison thought. And yet somehow it felt personal - intimate, even. They were dancing close enough for her to feel his breathing, hear his heartbeat. And he had a perfect sense of rhythm, guiding her round the floor so effortlessly that it actually felt like floating. She'd never been so in tune with a dance partner before.

They didn't speak as they danced - they didn't need to - and suddenly everyone around them just melted away. They could have been dancing on a little terrace overlooking a garden in Tuscany, just the two of them, in the moonlight...

She shook herself. Of course not. This was London. And if it wasn't for the fact that she'd deliberately stuck to sparkling water because she was responsible for the way things ran tonight, she would've been sure this heady feeling was from drinking too much champagne - almost like tiny bubbles fizzing through her veins.

The fact it was all from dancing with him scared her and excited her at the same time. She'd never reacted this strongly to anyone before. Even Harry.

Part of her wanted to ask the stranger what his name was; but she knew that talking would break the spell. And right now she didn't want it to end. Just the two of them and the music, the singer crooning and the soft jazzy piano counterpointed by the double bass and guitar.

Two and a half minutes had never passed so slowly.

Or so very, very fast.

When the song ended and his hands dropped from her body and he took a step backwards, it felt so wrong.

And then he bowed to her, lifted her right hand and kissed the pulse on the inside of her wrist.

She could barely breathe.

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From Cataromance:

Warm-hearted, satisfying and hugely appealing, The Greek Doctor's New Year Baby is another wonderful Medical romance from award-winning author Kate Hardy!... Romantic storytelling at its best! Poignant, enjoyable and absolutely terrific.

From Coffee Time Romance:

This story really makes you wonder how doctors are able to switch modes when they go home at night, because otherwise they would drive themselves and their families crazy. The main characters in this book are fighting that very battle, and it is intriguing to see the insecurities play out as the plot unfolds. Maddie and Theo are a sweet and adorable couple, maybe even too much, but you fall in love with them right away. I also enjoyed that their work is described in a professional and intelligent manner, and is not dummied down in any way.

From Book Illuminations by Debbie Wiley:

Kate Hardy allows time for her characters to grow and fall in love as her books are primarily character-driven. As a result, her characters are always believable and likable, and Madison and Theo are no exception. Both are focused on their own goals, never intending for the attraction between them to take a serious turn. Love is an unexpected complication but their honesty and willingness to work through issues is what makes their happily-ever-after so realistic. Kate Hardy is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors no matter what Harlequin line she writes for. It was an unexpected surprise to see Madison and Theo discussing Giovanni's, a coffee shop and café seen previously in the Presents book, IN BED WITH HER ITALIAN BOSS. Now if only Ms. Hardy will let give us Katrina's (Madison's cousin) story...

What they're saying on e-Harlequin:

  • I adore the couple in this story. Hardy hits a homerun with creating believable, adorable and adoring characters. The heat between the characters is present from the first meeting. Here is a story that has an alpha male, but he is not overbearing. What a wonderful escape from the cold and snow.
  • I liked the way the relationship progressed from strangers to friends. They each have reasons why they don't want to pursue a relationship but neither can stop themselves from developing deeper feelings. When Theo tells Madison his reasons behind not pursuing a relationship that can lead to children and marriage, it is already way too late as Madison is pregnant with his baby. I adored the way Theo reacts to this news and how he puts his own fears aside and concentrates on Madison. He was so strong for her and so vulnerable too . . . Thoroughly enjoyable story and would read again. I loved the ending, especially Theo's reaction to Madison going in labour.
  • Excellent book. Both the hero and heroine have each had to deal with pain in their lives and worked through it to be able to move on with their lives. I adore the couple in this story. The sizzle between them starts at the very beginning of the book and continues throughout.
  • The medical aspects of this book were pretty neat. I could relate to a few of the procedures mentioned as I have had them done myself (like an amniocentesis). But the affection between the the H and h is what really won me over in this story.
  • This is a very sweet couple. I enjoyed the honesty between them. She's upfront right away when she discovers she is pregnant and they both work through their issues together.
  • This one left me with such a feeling of happiness. I loved reading about what the H and h did to save and take care of moms-to-be. Really great read!

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