How To Research Your House

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March 2007

ISBN: 1845281659


Do you want to know more about the history of your house, find out about the lives of former inhabitants, and discover more about the local community in which your house stands?

Pamela Brooks, author of How To Research Local History, will help get you started. She'll take you step by step along a fascinating trail of discovery, starting with the building itself and progressing to who lived there. She'll tell you how, using a range of sources, to:

  • Record the property as it is now
  • Determine the date of construction
  • Discover who lived - and died - there
  • Find out what the house was used for

Pamela uses the case study of her own research into the haunted house she grew up in to illustrate the research process. (Does she trace the mad miller or is he just a legend?!)

Pamela Brooks, a novelist, journalist and local history aficionado, has spent a great deal of time in archives researching her previous books, including Norwich: Stories of a City and Norwich: Street by Street. Here she passes on first-hand experience, practical tips and key websites to support your research.



From Your Family Tree

An efficient, accessible tour of British architectural history... a decent piece of work and well worth a look... the appendices are especially good.

From Family History Monthly

Very informative and highly readable, crammed full of useful tips, offering step-by-step approach; by following her guidance, readers can discover when their home was built, what it was used for, who lived there and details of events that happened there. An aboslute must for all those fascinated by the history of their own home and the community in which it stands.

From the Good Book Guide

The perfect starting point, numerous handy tips and website addresses. Ideal for the inexperienced researcher.


It would be hard to imagine a better book for the budding house historian. Well written and crammed full of useful information but not a bit stuffy or boring.

Okay, so I love my local history; but even so, How to Research Your House really does have something for everyone.

Whilst reading this book I was taken directly back to my childhood as I remembered reading on the back of a red exercise book (remember those?) about how many perches there are in a rood (or Rod).

You can find out all about land measurements and lots more as you explore this excellent and extremely well planned reference book that shows, by example, what to look for when researching your house history.

Pamela Brooks is an experienced and competent writer and researcher who will make house history hunting much easier for you. Enjoy.

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