Norfolk Almanac of Disasters

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Breedon Books Ltd

June 2007

ISBN: 1859835600


The Norfolk Almanac of Disasters covers events in Norfolk from before the Norman Conquest right up to the storms of January 2007 - the great floods, fires, storms, shipwrecks and rebellions over the years, and how the heroism of Norfolk people so often saved the day. If you've ever wondered what happened locally on your birthday, anniversary or any other special day, you'll find it here. It's a book to dip into and discover parts of the county's history you never knew - find out what inspired George Manby to invent his lifesaving mortar, among other things. In here, you'll discover when the sea froze at Hunstanton, read about storms worse even than the one of 1987, and find out why Cley moved north. You'll learn why the pope excommunicated the whole of Norwich, why there are flood marks on the church wall at King's Lynn, and how the river at Norwich was covered in wax. And you'll discover just why Henry Blogg was the most-decorated lifeboatman ever, why Caister men never turn back, and why 1 August is a really unlucky day for Norwich. . .



From the Norwich Evening News

A fascinating day-by-day, month-by-month, look at disasters in Norwich and the rest of Norfolk.

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