From Good Girl or Gold Digger?
Daisy's DIY hollandaise with asparagus soldiers

Serves two as a starter

  • about 100g of trimmed and washed asparagus tips (thickish ones are best for this)
  • 2 medium-sized eggs
  • a small pat of butter (about 20g)
  • two pipettes filled with white vinegar (about 10ml)

Steam the asparagus for about 10 minutes - they should be tender, but firm.

Meanwhile, prepare the plates (because you need to serve this IMMEDIATELY!): each plate needs space for the asparagus, an egg cup, a pat of butter and a pipette of vinegar.

Boil the eggs for 3 minutes (the yolks need to be runny).

Put the asparagus on the plates and the eggs in the cups.

Eating is messy, but fun: cut the top off the eggs, add a little butter and vinegar to the yolk, then mix with the tip of the asparagus 'soldier' to make the DIY hollandaise (you do a little bit with each spear).

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